What areas do you serve?

Skaneateles, Syracuse, and surrounding areas in Central New York.

What type of products do you offer?

We install professional-grade LED lights and high-quality greenery and decor.  Our lights are brighter and better than big box strings and our garlands are fuller and more realistic. With proper care you can expect years of enjoyment from them. 

*Product availability changes rapidly leading up to and during the holiday season. Booking early is encouraged for the best selection.

How do you install the lights and decorations?

No staple guns here! Our professional techniques ensure a tidy installation without permanent damage to your property.

We custom-cut lights strings and extension cords for a perfect fit and attach most lights and decor with various temporary fasteners.

Screws, bolts and other permanent fasteners are sometimes required but we will always discuss these scenarios with you.

Can we send you photos of our home or ideas we like to discuss an estimate?

Yes! Snap some pics with your phone or send us your address to check out on Google Earth.

You can text-message photos to us at (315) 727-8188 or email to info@shinecny.com.

Do you have samples to show us of products?

We do have samples of bulbs and greenery as well as catologues of thousands of products to pull from to meet your needs.

* Please keep in mind that the holiday decorating season is short and selections start to dwindle quickly as the season gets closer. 

Will you install lights and decorations that we have purchased elsewhere?

Generally no, but talk to us about what you have in mind.

Providing our clients with professional services is very important to us and we cannot stand behind the integrity of products that we have not tested and installed. 

If you have a special heirloom decoration that you would like incorporated into your design please speak with us. 

What if we need service?

We will drive by and follow up with you to be sure you are pleased with your display and that there aren't any issues.

If you require service please let us know immediately.  

What if we are not happy with your services?

If you aren't happy then we aren't either! Please let us know if there is anything you are not satisfied with as soon as possible.

Note that it is common for us to return to make adjustments after seeing the display in the dark because we want your decorations to look awesome!

Do we need to be home when you install?

No but please be sure ensure the following:

  - Driveways and walkways are free of snow and ice

  - Clear access for our ladders and equipment to any area where we need to install decorations

  - All outdoor outlets are set to "ON" (if applicable)

Do you have insurance?


Are you electricians?

No, and in most cases our clients will not need one. Our LEDs run at about 85%-95% more efficient than traditional incandescent lights which means much less draw on your power supply. If you have an excessively bright display in mind, do not have electrical outlets available in areas where we will need them, or only have one outlet that shares a circuit with, say, a freezer in the garage, you may need to have some preparations performed by a licensed electrician.

How much do your services cost?

Every installation is unique but essentially it comes down to your product selection, complexity and timing.  While a typical first-year installation may be$1,500 and up, it all depends on what you choose and how long it will take. 

How do I schedule turn-off and removal?

There is no need to schedule your turn-off and removal service. Standard turn-off is on or about January 2. Your take-down will occur based ongeographic location. If you would like to request a later turn-off or specific removal date please contact us. Also, please keep in mind that weather and ice may impact the timing removal of your decor.

Can we store the lights and decorations at our house?

We include annual storage in you hassle-free installation package. We test and maintain products in the off-season which keeps our installations more efficient and our clients happier.

Do you decorate for occasions other than Christmas?

Yes! Please contact us.

Didn't find the answer to your question here? Call us at (315) 727-8188 or email us at info@shinecny.com for more information about any of our products or services capabilities.