Tips for Artificial Christmas Tree Setup

Artificial trees come in a wide array of choices and quality. The best are full of tons of tips that are molded from living trees, but none of them will look very good if not set up properly. Here are some tips guaranteed to make any faux fir, spruce, or smashed up foil "tree" looking its best.

Start at the bottom: Your tree likely comes in a few sections. It will be easier if you shape all of the branches in the bottom section before putting the next section on the tree. Also, It's best to work all of the bottom branches before moving up to the row above, and so on.

Hide the pole and create depth: Start at the back of the branch and shape the tips toward the inside pole so they are pointed straight up. As you do this, try to stagger them to fill gaps to the middle of the tree.

Shape every sprig and tip: As you work your way to the front you must touch every tip to pull it away from the others. If the branches have sprigs with more tips be sure to pull them out from the center branch and continue shaping.

Pointing upward: For a natural look, the tips should be shaped to point upward slightly, except occasional branches at the very bottom.

Step back: Move back and check out your tree from different angles to see where adjustments are needed. 

Get in a groove: Put on your favorite Christmas album, pour yourself some eggnog and take your time. 

Merry Christmas!